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Intelligent Renewable Energy Systems

Modelling and Control

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Focused on renewable energy systems and the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for their integration in smart grids, this book presents recent advances and methods that help to ensure that power generation from renewable sources remains stable, that power losses are minimized, and that the reliable functioning of these power generation units is maintained.The book highlights key topics and technologies for renewable energy systems including the intelligent control of power generators, power electronics that connect renewable power generation units to the grid, and fault diagnosis for power generators and power electronics. In particular, the following topics are addressed:• Modeling and control of power generators (PMSGs, DFIGs);• Modeling and control of power electronics (converters, inverters); • Modeling and fault diagnosis of the transmission and distribution Grid; and• Modelling and control of distributed power generation units (interconnected synchronous generators or photovoltaic units).Because of the above coverage, members of the wider engineering community will find that the nonlinear control and estimation methods presented provide essential insights into the functioning of renewable energy power systems, while the academic community will find the book a valuable textbook for undergraduate or graduate courses on renewable energy systems.weiterlesen

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