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Patriotic Cohan

Piano Duo (2 Pianos, 4 Hands) Sheet (2 copies included)

Produktform: Buch

Three rousing patriotic favorites team up in this exuberant, invigorating, and brilliant two-piano work. With frequent use of octaves and chords alternating between the hands and between Piano I and Piano II, drum rolls imitations, the melding of "Yankee Doodle Boy," "Over There," and "You're a Grand Old Flag," and a brilliant finale make this ensemble arrangement an effective performance work, ideal for encores.weiterlesen

Sprache(n): Englisch

ISBN: 978-0-7579-3729-3 / 978-0757937293 / 9780757937293

Verlag: Alfred Music Publishing Company

Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2005

Seiten: 24

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